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After many years the internal guts broke apart. 5. SDRC is a family-owned and operated window and door repair and installation company whose top goal is to provide homeowners with superior services at an affordable price. .table_d2e162 { These guys successfully performed a tricky repair to our custom wood sliding door with a clever solution. Precision-engineered latches anddeadbolt. Very pleased with Justin Alexander's work. We're glad you're here. 6. When replacement door finally arrived it was wrong . it is impact glass sicne i live in Florida. In 2007, we purchased nine (9) Neuma Fiberglass Hinged Patio Doors Units varying in sizes from standard (68 by 30) door to 8 foot by 12 foot units and had them installed by a Neuma Authorized Dealer. None of the others even come close. They were very professional from the time I requested quote to the completion of projects with excellent communication. 8. Barn Door Lock, Lockwood Keyed Cavity Lock For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. A: The hardware on a door is most commonly referred to as door hardware. The term can refer to the hardware thats visible on the outside of the door, such as the knob, lever, or lock, but it can also refer to the internal mechanisms like the latch or lock pins. Did get some factory help not always timely but when they (factory) had techs in the vicinty. The 30 years of creative design, research and development helps it to introduce new techniques and styles and revolutionize home-building industry. Very thorough. 4. View More SLIDING PATIO DOORS Gliding Patio Doors Design Features Design Features Click to zoom in Click to zoom in Click to zoom in 1 Advance Interlocking Seal Design 2 Retractable Screen 3 Weep Hole Very responsive for a broken door handle and lock. .table_d2e106 { Warranty Coverages for Neuma Door System Components Installed in Owner-Occupied Sin- gle Family Homes 1. Polite and did a great job of fixing my door. * Net Jamb dimensions are 5-3/4 and 7-3/4. Sliding Repair Co told me that they repair, sent someone out who gave us an honest quote, and everything was finished within about two weeks. Neuma doors has been hell to work with. P: 1-866-366-7715 (toll-free) A: 8989 North Loop East Houston, TX 77029 Wet Corp conducted the tests on December 8 & 9, 2008, ALL units tested failed. 7. We are stuck with no foreseen date even when this will arrive. I was very pleased with their service and would use them again and recommend to my friends. The swinging french doors are better than the sliding patio doors, IMO. The multi-point } | 33 N. Main Street, Brighton, CO 80601 | Ph. Acceptable price. by Integra Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:13 pm, #2 Most all problems addressed by local rep and tech, however I have called Houston several times regarding the deteriorating finish on the exterior handle hardware for all waterfront exposures. } can i replace the glass with a panel that has blinds inside? Hanging by HomeSealed Fri Mar 09, 2012 3:10 pm, #13 Help with Windows and doors in Prosper, TX contemporary construction. Exposure of the Neuma Door or its systems (before installation of the door) to the elements, improper or insufficient handling storage, installation, maintenance or service. The polyurethane foam core is 100% CFC-free. If you have something different, please contact us so we can help you find exactly what you need. The congruence of our beliefs and methods is the defining factor behind our success. The technician was very professional and completed the job quickly. Pre-finish wood grain is available by special order. Smooth paintable or stainable woodgrain finishes are available. by Randy Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:28 pm, #6 We'd love to help. I would recommend using another manufacturer. Our dedication to product excellence and environmental preservation has been recognized with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. Door frames: 10 years from date of installa- tion. Stainless Steel Door track, ADA Sliding door Hardware Twice. After their repair and patching, and a little paint touch up, were good as new. I know that the installer makes or breaks a door. Could not ask for much more and they were good guys on top of everything else. Post We are happy with the doors, the installation and Quality Windows of Oxnard Ca. var tlxSoundEmbedSrc="sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/summernights_mi0106001.mp3"; Thanks again for all your help. 8. They are a strong customer first, America first small business. When they left it was like a new door. 06-0411.04 Expiration Date: Aug.17, 2011; Miami Dade County N.O.A. We offer hardware for doors from 50 pounds up to 4400 pounds. No matter what the issue is, our friendly sliding door repair service can help restore your sliding door to perfect condition. Install Gliding, Warranty and Test Results. I then were convinced the fees is in a reasonable range.I would recommend for Sliding Door company to anyone who has similar situation and check the price with other vendors if you experience this similar issues of slidng windows.Then compare the prices to select one you feel better.Regards,CCSTustin Ranch Area,CA. Co-extruded glass stopper provides easy glass replacemen. Sustainable Construction Each Neuma door is Energy Star Qualified and contains recycled material without any CFC's. Neuma Door Benefits Fiberglass Door Systems Designed to Withstand the Test of Time Impact-Doors These Multi Point lock trim sets are designed to fit Neuma Doors. Door panels come standard with the smooth white. Post Thanks! Sergio, I have a Neuma sliding patio door with between-the-glass blind and the glass is broken. At SDRC, we strive to provide a high-quality and reliable service to our customers. } border: 10px solid; Just an FYI, All the top name companies also have issues( typically install issues). He cleaned up all the equipment and left my door sounding and working like it was brand new. Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers, Outdoor Lighting & Audio/Visual Specialists. Emtek Latches and Strikes REPLACEMENT PARTS Sort By: Emtek LC4-DBLTCH275 - Deadbolt Latch 2 3/4" Backset $11.20. Came out and was friendly, and experienced. Dec 3, 2022 Knowledge Title Lock Parts for Gliding Patio Doors Prior to 1999 Article Number 000011824 Details Latch Levers 2-Panel Gliding Patio Door Prior to 1993 - Replace latch lever with original vintage hardware or upgrade to current hardware style. Woodward's Hardware 2343 N. Tustin Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705 (714-541-5268 FAX (714)541-2123 . width: 100%; Great quality products at excellent prices. Sunday : closed, Contractors license: #999259 Were sure that youll find something to fit your needs perfectly! These Multi Point lock trim sets are designed to fit Neuma Doors. Without a proper sill or sill system, water, air, and other outside elements will be able to enter your home and cause damage. Slight imperfections in factory applied finishes; surface cracks that do not com- promise the underlaying material are not, considered a defect. border: 1px solid; I figure whatever is allowing that to happen is the problem..any I guess everyone is working from home and nobody has been of much help. We are missing a frame piece that was broken in shipping since product was packaged poorly. I have no reference for you who will be able to fix window for this type of problem. Standard Lock systems are installed on 68and 611doors. Glass Components: NonImpact Glass: 20 year prorated limit- ed warranty against seal failure. (909) 989-1477. I dont usually get on this site so wont see an answer. Door hardware encompasses a lot of different items that function in different ways, but these items are always somehow attached to the door. I'm replacing doors in my home and need fiberglass because of high moisture problems. Need help finding the right Door Hardware for your application? 4. We'd love to help. on 68 and 611 doors. Great company. Do you have an email I can reach out to you at? See glass warranty chart for more information. Would definitely use again. For example, you can find vintage doorknobs that are only there to look pretty with a dummy function, or you can find modern door knobs with a privacy function that locks. I know it has been a bit, but Sergio shipped a new latch out right away and the door works perfectly. We have a clear-cut order and discipline to our work, enabling us to execute at a superior level. Would certainly recommend for sliding glass door repairs and serving. French Door Astragal Kits. If you have something different, please contact us so we can help you find exactly what you need. Neuma Doors Catalog - DW Distribution. border: 10px solid; Just be aware before you purchase these doors for beach or intercoastal environments. Please contact Blair Waller our Florida rep A full range of garage door parts, such as brackets, locks, springs and cables, is available at Lowe's. Sometimes a poorly functioning garage door just needs to be cleaned and lubricated. Legacy Replacement Door Handles for Vinyl Sliding Doors ORDER TOLL FREE (888) 915-5223 . I wish my Neuma doors would break so I can get something new. Cleaned up after and price was reasonable. Here at Direct Door Hardware, we offer a wide range of door knob parts and replacement parts for all door hardware elements. Neuma Doors is your source for beautiful, durable fiberglass entry doors. Sounds like there is a installation issue, this cause the doors not line up. They repaired an old sliding pocket door for our bathroom, without having to remove any drywall. Heavy Duty 1100 lb. Thank you. The sliding Door Repair sent a service person to repair and add new rollers, clean all the sliders. The door handles on these doors are terrible. We sell PGT, Simonton, Neuma, Andersen, Thermatru, and Plastpro. Post A failed glass seal is defined as one that shows a significant amount of obstruc- tion due to moisture created by a seal failure. Waterproof Composite Stiles and Rails. .table_d2e109 td { We have replaced the hardwood flooring so many times we had to cut it out and install tile. Concealed Fastener Barn Door Track Hey Sergio, I live in Mississippi and have a 12' x 8" Neuma glider with 3 point locking mechanism. The door latch is controlled by the doorknob and holds the door closed by locking into the opening of the striking plate. What is the Standard Door Size for Residential Homes? High-Impact Fiberglass Door Skins. Having issues finding an installer. Tony worked diligently till the job was done. Performance; Physical; Vapor; Deposition). And I'm scared we will never get this door piece needed. Thank you!! They did a great job with my odd-sized closet. $99.99 Show sidebar. It is now February and the correct piece has still yet to arrive. I also made the mistake of purchasing Neuma Doors. They had the proper replacement parts with them, and left my atrium cleaner than when they arrived. They have been nothing but a problem. Add Keyed Locks to your The service, even here in Houston, is less than poor. Impact rated doors come with 1 impact glass Timely, reasonably priced, and good to work with. I would definitely recommend them to others. by Window4U (IL) Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:03 pm, #3 Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians can provide fast and reliable window repair and installation services. Seamless integration of sophisticated style, intelligent design, and unprecedented quality defines a Neuma Door. In my case, they had to remove the heavy door, and replace the rolling mechanism. Folding Door System Hardware and Compo- nents: Folding door system hardware:10 years for the original purchaser, excludes finish All hardware should be maintained as recommended in the care instructions as frequently as necessary. We received the incorrect piece at the end of December. Post Easy Installation I can ship the item/ part directly to you. Kept the site clean, cleaned up each evening, explained the process and delivered on time with great quality. I have a Neuma french door with sidelights. Full-length composite stile and rails increase water and moisture protection. Fixed all of our issues. 2 stars. The final aspect of visible door hardware is the doors hinges. I had seen the paperwork from Garris Evans. Sergio, I have a Neuma door and the spindle between the inside and outside handle broke on one of the doors. My only suggestion is that when you call them, make sure you are aware of the door size. Now all three are in mint condition!! Our standard doors come with 5/8 insulated Low E 272 glass. I had a wonderful experience with the Sliding Door Repair company. You mentioned that "There is a piece we use to make the non active panel fixed". Composite frames come standard in a smooth finish,woodgrain is available upon request. I have french doors in a vacaiton rental, and guests don't understand that you have to lock both sides! Technicians were sent out a couple of days later to take measurements and I received an estimate the next day. Exterior woodgrain is special order. 3. 9. Warranty Coverage for Neuma Door System Components Installed in Residential and Com- mercial Applications 1. I tried making adjustments that I could see but they didn't help. Ive purchased a Neuma outswing for my home on the Texas Coast. Optional woodgrain finish is available. Their supplier sent very heavy glass for a large window and I was unable to initially open the window. Frames are available in 4-9/16 or 6-9/16*. All. Christopher, Have you tried Zarsky lumber in Los Fresnos? #1 Barn Door Locks. Handle sets are available with a Gold Brass, Satin Nickel, White or Dark Brown finish. Retractable screens have been specially designed for Neuma Doors. Neuma Doors are designed to withstand the impact of extreme weather conditions. Johnson, PCHenderson,Cox, and I have to say that the doors are REALLY impressive. NEED HELP WITH PURCHASING WINDSTORM CERTIFIED FRENCH DOORS. Within each category, you can find a lot of different styles, finishes, and functions to best suit your needs. Transom frames: 10 years from date of in- stallation. A weep-hole cover is provided which allows water to drain out, while preventing dust and dirt from getting in. Please advise next step to proceed with the work. Every product we offer comes with easy-to-follow instructions for a stress-free installation. Stainless tandem rollers under the active panel are adjustable for better installation. We strive to provide a quality, reliable, and efficient service that cannot be found anywhere else. .table_d2e123 { About Neuma Doors. A failed glass seal is defined as one that shows a significant amount of obstruction due to moisture created by a seal failure. Composite Fiberglass Doors By Neuma. Whatever your door hardware needs, weve got you covered! NanYaPlasticsCorporationUSAwarrants that insu- lated glass shall be free from any failure or material obstruction of vision due to a failure of the glass seal for the warranty period. I ask because I'm wondering if warning people not to buy the doors in coastal areas is a fair assessment? When we have rain accompanied with wind the doors will shake themselves loose and rain comes in the closing seems. .table_d2e116 { by Matt Skender Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:54 pm, #12 Optional exterior woodgrain finish is available by special order. Windows, Doors, Patios, & Sunrooms in Salt Lake City | Peach Building . Small marks, scratches, and spots which do not exceed manufacturer standards or federal government specifications, C 1036-85 do not make insulated glass units defective. let us help you design your door system Check out our Barn Door Hardware, black flat track for hanging doors from the wall Warranty on painted finish applies only to doors that are factory painted by Nan Ya Plastics Corp. USA. Not sure on parts though. Review fromPaul A. I would highly recommend them. ORDER TOLL FREE (888) 915-5223, Woodward's Andrew and Jake replaced 3 windows for us. The team know exactly what they are doing, efficient and professional. It's very good and responsible company. Our experience with the Sliding door repair company was great. He is the representative in California and I live in Florida, nonetheless he took care of me and within a week I received the replacement part I needed. 7. border-color: #000000; I was impressed that the company has made an extra effort to do the work needed and to help me out. They came to repair our sliding patio door which would. Here in California only high ends communities use Neuma. Due to the nature of decorative glass, it is expected that there will be slight inconsistencies in caming and beveled glass pieces. The multi-point lock system installed standard on all 8height doors. It has been determined by our rep that installation appeared to be in order. The door was a few weeks late already. SDRC is a family-owned and operated window and door repair and installation company whose top goal is to provide homeowners with superior services at an affordable price. } border: 1px solid; Every product we offer comes with easy-to-follow instructions for a stress-free installation. Full-length composite edging increase water and moisture protection. Thanks! The Tech was on time. border: 6px solid; This video shows. Neuma exterior doors are beautifully designed and durable. Designed to protect people & property during violent storms, Neumas Impact-Rated Doors provide ultimate storm protection for your home. Handlesets with HPVD coating available only with Gold Brass or Satin Nickel. Their parent company is NAN YA PLASTICS CORP. Went from fully stuck to gliding on air better than on the day the door was installed.I chose the right company. Engineered Also you might need some more metals shims to make the keeper stick out more, please call me so I can get your info and send them to you. Had an issue with my sliding glass door not locking and the screen door not closing. Mine came with the house so theyre at least 8 years old. DOORS AND MORE SALINAS 831-753-7521 WE SHIP NATION WIDE VIA FED EX FREIGHT,